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GLIC is the Italian network of Centres for Assistive Technology (AT) and ICT. Its network includes 25 Members Centers, and 3 Associated Centers, distributed in 14 Italian regions.  GLIC, throughout its members, all over the Country, delivers information, assessment and training in IT and Assistive Technology for people with disability and their Care Group as well as on public bodies. GLIC Centers promote independence of people with disability, foster inclusion in social context, family, school and work, improve their quality of life supported by Assistive Technology. These objectives are pursued through careful consideration of user needs and a thorough assessment of each available resource and of course technology. In detail, the activities can be summarised as such:

  • · designing and setting up of integrated paths aimed at reaching person autonomy in environment and relationships
    · information and guidance, advice and assessment on Assistive Technology
    · psychological support and group supervision
    · training on the use of AT for disable people, family, care group, rehabilitation and school operators
    · organization of conferences, courses, seminars, workshops
    · programs designing and implementation.

These activities are assigned to experts of different sectors, involving professionals from technological aids to communication and psychological support. GLIC’s working model through its centers lends itself to the creation of local and national partnerships, to provide expertise input to the Service Delivery of aids actors, since the GLIC Centers are a supporting competence resource ‐and not as an alternative – any institution involved in the provision of products and services in the field of prosthetics; GLIC, for its experience and independence from commercial interests is the reference to institutions at regional and national level for the development of projects and strategic actions in the field of technological aids: in this regard we highlight among other convention GLIC with the Italian Ministry of Education in collaboration with the network of CTS (Territorial Support Centers in schools), the agreement with the Ministry of Health for the development of the List of Fundable Aids: ICT assistive technology (Information Communication Technology).