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The Istituto Comprensivo Torgiano-Bettona (ICTB) organisation is a comprehensive institute with different orders of schools, a staff with various professional levels and students ranging from toddlers to teenagers (3-14 years old). The school hosts more than 1000 students, the teaching staff consists of 115 people. Located in the countryside, deployed in several different buildings, distributed in two neighbouring municipalities, the school serves the two small communities of Torgiano and Bettona, lying between the main towns of Perugia and Assisi. 

There is a strong commitment in the school about widening the cultural horizon of  students through virtual and physical exchanges with kids all over the world. For years the school has been using ICT as an inclusive tool to serve pupils with special educational needs, through specific software and hardware. Classroom and SEN teachers agree about methodologies and tools and adapt them in a flexible way according to the context and to the class responses. The school contributes to the development and psychological growth of each single student through the construction of welcoming and facilitating environments and good educational-teaching practices. The presence of some innovative environments allows transversal activities to the disciplines thanks to video-photographic equipment, robotics kit, and 3D printing. Students’ experience with coding, computational thinking, digital creativity, digital and media literacy, starts from kindergarten to the end of Lower Secondary school.