I’M IN TALES project aims to develop a methodology for the design of storytelling activities enhanced through hybrid and inclusive technologies, to train teachers aimed at the mainstream and the special education of preschool- and school-aged children on the TUI-based approach in education and to teach them how to create their own educational and learning environment. On one hand, the project follows the European Digital Competence Framework for educators, who aims to cope with modern and rapidly changing educational demands, which require a set of new skills, such as digital competence. On the other hand it sustains teachers to deal with inclusion through practices that fit the indications of EU Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, to implement strategies and practices to foster participation of all children in early childhood education and care, especially, but not only, children in need of special support.

In summary, the objectives of the I’M IN TALES project are:

• The development of an inclusive methodological framework to enhance storytelling of preschool- and school-aged children with and without special needs, through a Tangible User Interface-based approach, directly involving the teachers 

• The development of a simplified authoring tool for teachers and Open Educational Resources in the form of “augmented” narratives based on the predefined methodological framework

• The creation of an e-learning course for teachers in pre-primary and primary schools on the methodology to enhance storytelling through a Tangible User Interface-based approach

• To collect data and analyse the efficacy of the  I’M IN TALES co-created methodology in pre-primary and primary schools and ensure project sustainability and replication drawing up guidelines for the creation, implementation and quality evaluation of practices.