methodological framework of Inclusive TUI-based storytelling

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PR1 starts from information collection on perceived usability and efficacy of a TUI-based methodological framework to enhance storytelling in a concrete classroom context.

The Consortium will intercept additional and operative specific needs by organizing live or virtual focus groups for each country involved.

PR1 will give methodological landmarks to rely on to enhance motivation and, again, involve the teachers in digital skills learning and knowledge about inclusive TUI-based storytelling activities for learning. The model will define how to integrate an inclusive storytelling approach in early education and primary schools with the application of multisensorial TUIs to enhance children’s storytelling skills.

Furthermore, useful guidelines for an innovative and inclusive methodology to foster motivation and define a participatory design for the teachers will be delivered.


The report will be organized according to the following dimensions:

– Regional approach;

– Inclusive aspects exploiting the TUIs and the storytelling activities;

– Results from the focus groups with teachers;

– Integration of storytelling methodologies and TUIs paradigms for disability and inclusion;

– Co-creation framework for the design of the I’M IN TALES TUI;

– An assessment tool proposing a set of descriptors which allow the evaluation of the different outputs of the project;

– Potential reapplication of the model in other contexts.


The framework will be documented in a professionally designed handbook available in five languages: English, Italian, Greek, Dutch and Lithuanian