The I’M IN TALES project aims to disseminate a methodology that focuses on innovative technologies, that integrates multisensory objects with digital reality, for storytelling . The methodology is aimed at preschool and school-aged children with and without special needs. Particularly, through a MOOC, the aim is to train mainstream and special education teachers to implement a methodology based on the Tangible User Interfaces (TUI) paradigm: the hybrid approach allows an interaction between the user and the digital interface (PC, tablet, smartphone), through the mediation of tangible objects enhanced by sensors, thus involving all the senses (touch, hearing, smell and taste) allowing a complete learning experience. This approach particularly fits children with sensory and other disabilities, at increased risk of being excluded from social, physical and communication activities, because residual senses and skills are sustained. Exploiting TUI applications, it is possible to create a controlled educational environment, applying a co-design approach according to a user-centered technology framework, customizing and adapting activities for the specific needs and characteristics of each child, with ad hoc authoring systems. A TUI will be used to enhance children’s storytelling: using multisensory objects and direct manipulation, teachers can develop activities that allow the child to be immersed in the narration, living a global narrative experience that allows greater involvement and participation, and to develop narrative skills effectively. In summary, the objectives of the I’M IN TALES project are:

•The development of an inclusive methodological framework to enhance storytelling of preschool- and school-aged children with and without special needs, through a TUI-based approach, directly involving the teachers (PR1)

•The development of a simplified authoring tool for teachers and Open Educational Resources in the form of “augmented” narratives based on the predefined methodological framework (PR2)

•The creation of an e-learning course for teachers in preprimary and primary schools through the creation of a Massive Open Online Courses (PR3)

•To collect data and analyse the efficacy of I’M IN TALES co-created methodology in pre-primary and primary schools and ensure project sustainability and replication drawing up guidelines for the creation, implementation and quality evaluation of practices. (PR4)


Inclusive TUI-based methodological framework to enhance storytelling


I'M IN TALES Authoring tool




Guidelines and best practices for enhancing digital skills in teacher education for all