i'm in tales MOOC

Leading organization -> GLIC

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Result Languages:

English, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Greek



PR3 will produce the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) modules and the OERs in the form of stories to be integrated in the I’M IN TALES TUI through the simplified authoring tool.


The MOOC will allow ubiquitous learning and it will be developed and offered through the Moodle platform. It will include:


– the teaching material of the I’M IN TALES methodology,

– theoretical lectures based on I’M IN TALES topics, i.e. multisensorial storytelling, tangible user interfaces for disability

– practical experiences made available through the OERs (the latter will be specifically adapted and integrated into the course).


The course will offer online materials, such as podcasts, videos and, whenever possible, webinars. The Multiplier Events will be based on OERs creation by special education teachers involving all the partner countries. The OERs, storytelling scenarios, will be both:

•Virtual: giving access digitally;

•Tangible: allowing the use with TUIs, involving all the senses, by a manipulative and physical approach.


MOOC modules and OERs for the teachers’ training will be delivered in 4 Countries (Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Lithuania) and 5 languages (also English);