Guidelines and best practices for enhancing digital skills in teacher education for all

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English, Italian, Dutch, Lithuanian, Greek



PR4 will disseminate information about innovative assistive technology through advice, training, and awareness-raising.


The first part of this PR will consist of data collection and analysis, which will take place directly in the associated schools. Thus, in each class involved there will be at least one child with special needs who, together with his classmates, will use I’M IN TALES TUI according to the project’s defined methodology. This phase will be crucial in order to analyse in depth the effects that the training and participation of teachers during the project have on the inclusion of children with disabilities in storytelling activities.


The PR4 will be in the form of a report that will summarize the trials executions, the application and the impact of the I’M IN TALES technologies and methodologies. During this phase the teachers will exploit the learning gained in the previous phases through the MOOC course, by developing and practical applying the innovative methodology for storytelling. They will have the skills to implement the methodology both face to face and remotely through online teaching. 

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